I’m Roxy, proud transgender woman from Philippines

Hi there, this is the first post of my new blog I’m a transgender woman from the so-called Pearl of The Orient, the Philippines Islands. Maybe you heard that in my country there are many transgender people like me and that LGBT scene is a bit more “tolerated” compared to my sisters living in western countries. Then, here is a bit of the Asian transgender women lifestyle and so on.

Roxy Transgender Woman

Roxy is my name, and I’m proud to show the world that I’m a transgender woman. No one can take that away from me. I was born to live as a transgender woman so I will die as a transgender woman never in my mind that I will change my beliefs this is me. On this blog I wish to share with you my story as growing as a transgender woman in a country like the Philippines, where the Catholic religion and it’s traditions are very conservative, making people not so accepting trans women as me.

Transition from male to female – The secrets that turned me into a butterfly

Very popular in my country is Diane 35, for having some hormones effects to transitioning to MtF and reducing acne

I was born a boy, but I always felt a woman inside. In order to become the person I always felt to be, I compiled a list here. Some matters I wish to write about, note that this is not the definitive list of the topic that I have in mind, but here it is for now

What else about me as a transgender woman?

I lived as a normal girl with a simple life in Manila Philippines, I came from in Leyte my province which I have grown up. I moved to Manila at age of 18 I worked here and lived as independent, I’m a transgender woman who can pay my own bills, who can run my life as a transgender woman that’s what I become an independent transgender woman. When I was a little kid I know myself

that I’m different to other kids, I played woman toys especially a Barbie doll. I love to watch a beauty pageant on TV and imitating them like a beauty queen. I started my transition when I was teens like 16, but on and off, I like a make-up and I like heels too. I love my hair to be tied even 

my hair still short. I started wearing girls dress too I love it one of my biggest dreams before. And started have crushes and start to admire boys. At the age of 16, I start to take a Micro pill cheapest oral pill. I also try to take estrogen and anti-androgen hormones, this is oral and

injectable. After few years of taking I notice the development of my transitions using hormones. I am proud a transgender woman in the Philippines because I live peace in mind and love in my hearts, I am happy as well because I don’t have any problem to my family especially to my father. Additional about me, my love life is so lovely and it’s blooming that full of love, I’m in a relationship now to the man that I love. I found my boyfriend in an ONLINE DATING SITE, thanks for the creator of this decent dating website

Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.

9 thoughts on “I’m Roxy, proud transgender woman from Philippines”

  1. Great and compelling story of becoming a woman. Your pictures from 2013-2016 show you really blossoming. Your love interest should be very proud for you and himself.

  2. Hello Roxy I’m Ken also from the Philippines. I’m thinking about transitioning while I’m still 15, I wanna know how much all of this costs in PHP from the first treatment to the last. Anyways you look really beautiful and I wanna be like you someday.

    1. Hello Ken,
      Anyways the early you start transition the more you see the good results after. Asking about cost actually you can start a cheaper pills which is usually TS does as a starter. Like micropill. But a proper step of transition mtf much better to consult your doctor so you can take a good hormones prescribed.

      1. Hello Ms. Roxy i’m planning to take HRT but the problem is i wanna consult to a doctor first but haven’t know what kind of a doctor i should seek with, maybe you can help m with this? TYSM

      2. Dear Roxy,
        I love your story. I am an American man here in the Philippines. I must say your boyfriend is a very lucky man to have such a beautiful young butterfly such as yourself.
        I commend you on your journey and want to thank you for helping others in their personal transformation.
        I hope to hear from you.

  3. Hi po, pwede pong malaman sino doctor (endocrinologist) nyo dito sa Pinas? Balak ko po kasing simulan na yung transition ko pero walang akong mahanap na information specifically dito sa Pilipinas.

    Looking forward to your reply po.

  4. hello
    good day ms. roxy

    im drixe from manila a 23 year old feminist gay. i am planning to start my transition this month but i still have doubts and still nervous because i don’t have any idea what to start in taking hormones…. i am very androgynous in my facial look but my body is starting to show maturity as what normal things happen to a men which i wanna prevent and avoid, at the same time i would like to be look like a woman in the coming years. i just wanna know what kind of pill is safe to a beginner like me and how much should i need to have for a monthly hormone budget.

    gracias por todos senora
    y dios bendita

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