Hello, my name is Roxy, 29-year-old, and I am a transwoman from the Philippines. I live in Taguig city in Metro Manila, I came from Visayas region, Leyte, where I have grown up. I’m currently working as a saleslady in a boutique shop.

I love clothes and all the fancy things just like every girl, and of course, hormones are the secret of my beauty. Yes, if you are willing to become the woman who you always felt to be hormones are most important things to achieve this result for your look.

In 4 years of my transition, I have seen my body and look deeply changes like a butterfly slowly becoming the pretty girl who I am today. If you read my blog, you can see on my pics the progress of my transition MtF. What MtF stand for? It is to indicate a person who is born biologically as male, like me, but feeling in the wrong body. Basically, it means, Male to Female, when you are transitioning to become a woman. About this matter, again, take a look at my blog.

So, I finally happy as being the woman I am, and I’m proud transgender woman in Philippines because I can do whatever I want I have a freedom to show off who I am in public, with no doubts and regrets, with all of the respects too,  I don’t have a problem with my father unlike other sister that mostly father are the constraints of what we like to do to follow who we are. I love about my life.

More about me?

I’m a person who likes to travel too, I love adventure and love to seeing and discover places in the Philippines. So, I want also to write about the lands that I’ve visited. I am a fast observer too, I’m curious in many things, so I learn from it. Like now, that I’m learning new things as making a blog which is my new hobby, and by little by little to improve my ability in writing.


Since I like to travel to some place to place in the Philippines I want to introduce the lands I visited. I love island hopping, and adventures things, like trekking and hiking. It’s very nice to travel, especially in the Philippines to discover the amazing places like nice beaches and enjoy the beautiful nature of my country. The Philippines islands are known for having thousands of islands, and today there are many tourist destinations to travel by local and foreign tourists. During summer season in Philippines people love to swim, and go to a nice beach.

I start to travel last October 2016. We went to an island somewhere in Batangas FORTUNE ISLAND PHILIPPINES. It’s my first island hopping. After meeting new friends and keep communicating with them. Next trip was Pandin Lake in Laguna Philippines. Next was the Talisayen Cove Pundaquit in Zambales Philippines. And next trip was in Matabungkay Beach in Batangas. Next trip was on Potipot Island Candelaria Zambales. And the latest was in Burias group of Islands some parts of Bicol region and Masbate area. Since I love nature I start my hiking in Cuenca Batangas in Mt. Maculot.

Before, I did travel also in Boracay year 2011. And in my Provinces like the famous Kalanggaman Island in Palompon Leyte. Some parts in Bataan where there’s also some mountain for trekking and some waterfalls and with sand beaches too.

I was happy because I can travel and try many activities. I love natures. I love beaches and love the mountains to hike. In my age now it’s good to enjoy life.

How about my love life?

I’m currently in a relationship with an Italian man. For almost 5 years and more now. In a relationship, there is some misunderstanding. To solve it, talk to each other if what’s really the matter communication is very important. We had  also a misunderstanding and that’s my experience with my boyfriend. But so far we are getting more stronger now for the trials we struggling in every relationship. Just the important is to make happy that even if I am a transwoman I have my boyfriend who accepts me completely.

Where did I found my boyfriend?

Dating site. He is far away from me with the help of internet connection today and decent dating site we meet in real. I’m the one to prove it. Decent Dating Site helps every single transwoman whose seeking for a genuine partner.

I will write more about me soon…. see you guys! 🙂

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