Are Men who Attracted to Transwomen Gay?

This debate of whether men who are attracted to Transwomen are Gay is so old already. Science has already proven to the world that they are not gay. Arousal patterns of Trans Oriented men are very different from Homosexual Males. For the benefit of everyone reading this, I will explain once and for all.

So let’s start.

Difference of gay and transwomen attraction

Let us take a closer look at Gay/Homosexual Men. I’m pretty sure you have at least one or two gay friends right? You know they’re attracted to Men and Only Men. Why is that? Because they’re attracted to Male Secondary sex characteristics. They’re attracted to masculinity and that’s a fact. That’s what keeps them attracted to Males and not to Females.

Now let’s take a closer look at Trans Continue reading “MEN WHO ATTRACTED TO TRANSWOMEN – GAY?”