Dating to a Transwoman is not new today. Indeed, lots of guys are more and more to a third sex relationship now. When you’re walking in the street, in the malls and even on the beach. Everywhere you can spot couples transwoman and trans-oriented man dating and enjoying each other company. Asian countries like Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Japan the third gender women are more tolerated. And Dating a Transwoman is unique and special.

Westerners are known to be more open minded compared than Filipino guys, and so are much more preferred by Asian Transgender. They are ready for a relationship with a trans woman and accept us completely. So you know that we are not that materialistic, it’s just a stereotype.

Think of it, if you’re attracted to Transwoman is not a problem because we transgender women are just as a cisgender woman. Meaning to say that we have also feelings and heart that knows to love just like all the normal people.

When it comes to dating I’m questioning a man who is looking for a soulmate. How can you say that the girl you chatted online are sure that she likes you? Maybe is not good decision to meet her quickly. Instead, plan first before to decide to fly and meet her in the Philippines. I’m speaking about a long-distance relationship. Better telling about your life and all your achievements in life or even the places you traveled? Try to make your story to impress a bit the girls. First of all, most important getting to know each other first. In a right time and in a good time comes to making sure you will ask to have a date with her and meet in real.

I want to share some guidelines and tips to all men out there who are still seeking for the serious partner. Dating to a transwoman what we like a man? Very common questions which trans-oriented men must know what’s the answer. What a good feeling when you meet your one true love in real. The efforts to chat online and pleasure happen for every relationship in dating when we meet. Every relationship ends a happy ending.

What is a trans-oriented man? A man who comes out that attracted to a transgender woman. Look into a serious lifetime relationship and not hiding anything showing hands to hands in public without to be ashamed.

So many things to discover both before to meet each other. Know him personally. Know him better in person. And of course, men should ask first for a date to a transwoman, not a woman ask for a date to a guy. It’s also like a man should court to the girl not the girl court to a man. A tradition and culture of a Filipinos. Before courting to a Transwoman there are important things you should learn and know what we like to a man.  It helps a lot to the men out there who are still seeking a serious decent girlfriend. Do you like to find a serious partner? Just click MyLadyboyDate meet beautiful and decent ladyboys in Asia.


Here’s you should find out what we like to a man? Transwomen are a very sensitive person. We need a man who always is there to understand in good times or in bad times. The Man who can understand her girlfriend when she has a hormonal imbalance. The girls didn’t only look for a physical appearance of a man but also a beautiful heart inside of a man.

Here are some tips a transwoman likes to a trans-oriented man:

  1. Physical Attributes. In physical looks, it’s not a problem even if he is not so handsome. The important is a good hygiene. When we say good hygiene it reflects our self. It means you have a respect not only for others but also for yourself. When you respect your self is more people respects you. If your not in a good hygiene you can’t empress to the girls to likes you. For an example must have clean nails, new haircut, smell fresh and good. For me, I like a normal body not too abs or not too thin. Some girls preferred macho guys or a bodybuilder but it depends to other transwomen when it comes to body shaped or physical body if what she likes.
  2. Attitude Side. a Man with the sense of humor and a good person with a heart (good attitude). The friendship becomes more strong with a good communication not boring to talk. When you speak or talk to a transwoman don’t talk only yourself, must also to listen and give her opinion too. Give her to express what’s in her mind. And appreciate also her opinion. And the most of all, don’t shy to show her in public. You must open-minded to each other. And no secrets also to each other. Knows how to respect and too pleased to a transwoman too. Further information? SECRETS FOR LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP.
  3. About Budget. When you are dating to a transwoman you should have a budget for the date. We don’t need a very fancy restaurant or bar or a luxury place for dinner. Willing to share the bills or to pay the bills but should know him that he is willing to spend. Give and take to each other for the next date. 🙂

Here are more tips you should know. Dating a transwoman what we like to a man? A very basic tip but it’s important to know:

  1.  Responsible. Each one of us brings self-pensive. We love the responsible guy. Be responsible for all things not only to your self but also to your partner. All transwoman empress or turn on those responsible guys.
  2.  Respectful to the girls not arrogant. Girls love to a gentleman guy. Be respectful to all times. Remember, respect for each other.
  3. Not flirt. Flirting is a joke or persuaded to someone. People who are not serious when they speaking. Lot’s of people flirting online chat. So many transwomen turn off these kinds of men who are looking for a serious partner they say but not. So please guys a reminder when you’re on a dating site stop flirting. Decent Dating site not allows for fun nor flirt. FIND OUT HERE DECENT DATING SITE.
  4. Not a playboy. Every sweet word that comes to his mouth comes from the heart not only from the mouth. If you are a true person you should court her directly with no doubts and hesitation. You have good intentions. And real feelings to express. Stick to one not to play to others feelings.

Some girls are simple what they like to a man but some of them are choosy or picky too. All of us we have different characteristics but mostly we want a person with SENSE OF HUMOR. We like a person who makes us smile who makes us laugh. Every time we smile are more we’ve fallen in love with these people. Great company with this person but knows the time when it takes to be serious. We want also with GOOD CHARACTER. Everybody wanting a good character, who don’t like? means that know what is wrong and what is right. We don’t want a perfect boyfriend or girlfriend but we want a good boyfriend or girlfriend. We want also a RESPECTFUL PERSON. Knows how to respect. These people who don’t hurt girls especially physical aspect. Not to cursed and not just self-absorbed. We want an UNDERSTANDING PERSON who knows girls are too sensitive. A man who understand we have a bad swing because of hormonal imbalance bad mood. We want a guy who doesn’t leave or makes to argue if girls are high blood or moody. We want a guy who always understands in good times. GOD FEARING GUY. If he is God Fearing he scared to do bad things like womanize. Faithful and Loyal when you are God Fearing. Stick to one must be possible for good relationship. So guys are still single don’t lose hope.

NOTE: Always remember we TRANSWOMAN are not toys who played your games our feelings, not your playground as well. Indeed, we have a heart, a feeling that hurts too. Our life is not your game. Don’t play with someone heart’s if you have no intentions of a serious relationship. But if you want a serious relationship CLICK HERE.

Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.


  1. Hello Roxy !
    I am a trans-oriented man but have not yet found my soulmate. Many men who “Think” they want to be with a transwoman, but they fail to look inside of their own souls and think realistically. So what happens ? They have not come to terms with their own feeling before approaching a transwoman. They don’t know how to act, and more importantly, they have very little knowledge of what the person has had to go through in life while they are transitioning. This is a very thoughtful article you have written for men who are attracted to a transwoman. I think they are beautiful with lovely hearts and souls! Currently, it’s difficult for me to fly to the Philipines or elsewhere at this time. I wish that wasen’t the situation right now, but I know how I feel deep in MY OWN heart and soul. So I am hoping for the best and that all will be well!!

    Bless you, Roxy,
    Frank X. McPhillips xoxoxo

    1. Thanks for reading my blog post i’m glad about that, anyway don’t lose hope finding your soulmate in a right time comes and i hope you learn also about trans about transitioning please share my blog post thanks.

    2. I work with many of the transgender women in the hair industry free TV shows in modeling Beauty does not have a price or name on it it just happens and gets created people should accept that how where do meet a transgender

  2. My Dearest Roxy,
    If you don’t mind Roxy, I would like to use “Your Platform” here to make a few other comments and observations to those who are thinking of either simply dating or those who also want to develop a serious relationship with a transgender woman. As I mentioned previously in my prior comments. To Those Individuals: You MUST Honestly and Truly come to terms with how you feel deep within your hearts and souls!!! What is it that attracts you to being with a Transgender woman? What is going to happen if the woman you are dating becomes more serious and attracted to you quicker than you realize or expect? THIS is why I STRESS the importance of coming to terms with what is in your MINDS, HEARTS and SOULS !!!! Even if you think you must have discussions with a trained Theripist who may specialize in these types of issues, than BY ALL MEANS!! DO SO!!! YES!!!! I AM a trans-oriented man. I DO NOT hide that fact from my friends or family IF THEY ASK, but in the same respect I don’t go around shouting it from the mountain tops! MOST CERTAINLY!! I am not ashamed of the fact I’m attracted to transgender women. Nor do I care what others may think of me and my sexual preferences. This brings me to the point of what and where I am going here in my letter.

    A transgender woman is no different from a non-transgender woman at all!! ( PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE DESCRIBING PRE-OP, POST-OP AND NON-OP WOMEN) She is very sensitive about how she is treated, spoken to, HOW SHE IS LOVED!!! and she is simply looking for what every other person who is single in this world. LOVE. Gentleman, please KNOW and REMEMBER this. ” A BROKEN HEART IS NOT JUST A STATE OF MIND. IT IS MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY PAINFUL !!!!! ” The reason I point this out is “Two-fold”. 1) I personally was brokenhearted because I was once engaged to be married to a beautiful, transgender woman ( Sarah ). Sarah possessed a Sterling heart and soul of gold!! We met while we were both in separate, but close Universities. We dated a long time and to both our delights we became engaged to be married. One night while having a dinner out, Sarah ate some chili. Sarah had a severe allergy to any type of Peanut Product and as it turned out, the “secret ingredient” in her chili was peanut butter. I am a Professional Chef and even I wouldn’t have expected that. Long story short, Sarah went into respiratory failure and died in my arms before an ambulance could arrive. An instance of myself being extremely broken hearted. Now, and MORE important and closer to my point.

    2) I have many friends who are transgenders. MTF and FTM. Many of the woman friends I have had their hearts broken severely and came to me seeking solace. Because the man who decided he wanted to be with her was “unstable”. I say unstable because the “Straight” men ( Which I am !!) over time, began to think they were Gay. Because they were with a woman who “just happened” to have a penis. ( and which was the way Sarah chose to be and did not change my feelings towards her). BECAUSE….THAT WAS MORE COMFORTABLE FOR Sarah. Thus, fine and just as comfortable with me also. (We became a “Versatile” couple)Which, by the way, was Delightful! I cannot stress this more TO ALL YOU GENTLEMAN OUT THERE !!! This is the reason I emplore you to SEARCH WITHIN YOUR MINDS, HEARTS, AND SOULS and see a theripist if need be. If your desire is to develop a relationship ( NOT to “experiment”, have a “playtoy”, or for your own “entertainment”. If that’s the case then find a transgender person who does that to make money) with a transgender woman. Make sure you’ve seriously and sincerely come to terms with all I’ve spoken about! Just because you are a “straight” man, in a relationship and hopefully in Love with a transgender woman. Who just happens to have a penis. It DOES NOT mean you are a “gay” man!!
    Roxy, I Thank-you so very much dear for allowing me to use “your” platform to try and explain to straight men the “stigmas” that ARE out there and unfortunately cause hurt and pain for some people. Remember they are only the opinions of people who are not so educated. I hate to use the word “ignorant” because once again it creates another stigma.
    Once again, Thank – you Roxy!!!! Your a Gem. God Bless Always,
    Francis X. McPhillips

    1. wow it was a good comments messages explaining important words and expressing your feelings I appreciate it a lot your a brave man to stand what you like what you want and what you feel, you’re braved to say the world that your a trans-oriented man never ashamed of people what to say your platform helps a lot to those guy who are confused themselves. Anyways, your a good blogger instead! keep up the good work and Godbless,

  3. Hi Roxy. Thank you for such a wonderful blog/website. I am a trans-oriented man, and this is my first experience at age 50 of pursuit my dream girl. I’m still learning, I’m a straight heterosexual male who would have no problem loving a transponder woman. My hope is that I can meet a nice Asian transgender woman to sincerely love and marry. I’m having a difficult time meeting online one is very sincere and honest. I will meet someone online and they say they’re interested, but at some point while chatting off site they have story as too hy they need me to send them money, for whatever reason. This is very discouraging and even hurts me, because I become emotionally attached to someone very easily and because of this I get hurt easily. But I’m not giving up hope, I’m trying to learn as much as I can about transgender women so I better know to be successful in finding my dream girl, my true love…my princess, and all you(trans women) are real princesses. Thanks so much !! And may God always bless you with everything that is good in this life,

    Joseph Anthony

    1. hello don’t lose hope okay don’t stop searching and one day you can find a right transgender woman that loves you honestly.

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