Dating and Adventure in a Quietest Place in Zambales

Are you ready to fly in the Philippines and meet your one true love? If you are on dating, and a fan of adventures as island hopping, the Archipelagoes of the Philippines, as plenty of choices. In the case of traveling with your date, you may want to visit some quiet lands. Zambales, it’s a good place for a romantic love vacation and some adventure as well. A good alternative rather the typical date in the restaurant. Here I wrote a blog post with some tips and some adventures you can experience in the Philippines. I’d like to share here how to visit some places as Talisayen beach in Brgy. Pundaquit Zambales together with your loved one. It’s a nice place for a couple who like to stay away from the crowd and enjoy each other company.

When you are on the island you feel that you own it. It’s very quite only the wave you hear in the seaside, and some bird singing beside the seashore. A paradise place for a good couple. So now let’s introduce you more about the island.

Quietest cove beside the famous Anawangin

Talisayen cove view

On many beach-hopping tours in this part of Zambales, boats just pass by it, barely earning a second look or a comment from tourists and guides alike. It is not as blessed as its neighbors. Although it cradles the same volcanic ash from Mt. Pinatubo and the same agoho trees, it doesn’t have the shallow creek of Anawangin or the small waterfall of Nagsasa. But one thing it can offer you is its silence.

Talisayen beach

During summer the shores of the other beaches are scarred by countless footprints, the spaces between trees are shaded with the bright colors of tents, and the air is filled with the cheers and yells of happy friends and families. But still, Talisayen Stays quiet. Dating and Adventure in this place were amazing. Full of memories to catch when you’re on the island.

How to get there:

1. Ride a bus going to IBA Zambales at Victory liner Pasay (Or Cubao) and tell the driver you drop you at San Antonio Public market. The last trip is 12 am. Travel time 4-5 hrs. The fare is 280.

2. From San Antonio Public market, ride a trike going to Brgy. Pundaquit. The fare is 30/pax.

3. From Pundaquit, rent a boat going to Talisayen cove and you can choose a side trip to cope either Anawangin, Nagsasa or Capones. The fare is 350-450 includes an entrance fee and long table. The boat fare is negotiable depends on the number of pax. In our case, we went there 15 pax so we got the deal for 350 that includes all.

Rented boat

Contact: (0927) 268 4714

And when you reach the Talisayen cove, you can enjoy the serenity of the place since its really quiet and not crowded compared to other coves. You can also go to Talisayen Falls, its a 30 mins trek and you need a guide which cost 100 pesos. It’s very pricey so we didn’t go to the falls since the beach along is so beautiful to stay for. You can also go to the Talisayen cove about 10-20 mins trek from the beach, from there you will see the entire Talisayen cove. It also requires a guide and they ask us for an entrance fee but we went there without going guide.

Since its a day tour, we left the island at around 5 pm. We rented a van so we have unlimited time to wander. But For the sake of DIY-ers, since I tried a DIY day tour to Mt. Pundaquit Trav Anawangin, I listed the estimated expenses for reference.

Sunset in Talisayen Beach
Sunset in Talisayen cove


Bus fare: 560 (v.v)

Trike: 60 (v.v)

Boat rental: 350

Food: 100


Total: 1,070-1,100



11 pm- assembly at victory liner Pasay

12mn- Etd to Iba Zambales

4 am- eta to Zambales, buy foods at the market

5 am- eta to Pundaquit, preparing

6 am- etd to Talisayen

7 am- eta to Talisayen cove

7 am to 4 pm- beach chill, photo ops

5pm- etd

6 pm- eta to Pundaquit

7 pm- etd to Manila

12mn- eta to Manila?????????

You see it’s challenging for day tour was tiring but lot’s of memories in the island.


Enjoy guys…


Boodle Fight (the dish on the pic)

boodle fight

it is a traditional Filipino food prepared of different dishes and decorated some fruits, for example, rice cook, Inihaw Na Liempo, Adobong baboy, Humba and etc. put in the banana leaf. and eating all together using hands.




feel the sand in my skin
Trekking in talisayen cove

Talisayen cove view
treking in talisayen cove

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