Famous Transgender woman, Beauty icon in the Philippines

Famous Transgender women in the Philippines

Before anything else, let’s educate first about the definition of transgender, what is Transgender? The definition of transgender is an “umbrella term” that is used to describe anyone whose identity, or behavior, tells outside stereotypical gender norms. What is transwoman or transgender woman? Transwoman is a transgender person who has assigned male at birth but whose gender identity is that a woman, so every transgender person there is what we called Transition it refers to hormonal replacement therapy or HRT procedure to achieve what they want to be an additional of transitions included a surgical operations procedure to become what they like to be. To learn more about this topic concerning issue about gender identity and sexual orientation just follow about SOGIE. So, to proceed the topic,

Welcome to the Philippines! Mabuhay! Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao there are transpinay that living a decent life, have a decent job. Mostly transgenders are active to join some pageants Local and International. In the Philippines, there are many famous transgender women and beauty queen icon from Batanes to Jolo. In this article, I’ll make some post of some transpinay beauty queen who is the inspirations of all transgender people in Asia not only here in the Philippines.


In every fiesta of some barangays, towns, and cities there’s always a pageant for a transgender woman. Some are professional and there’s also a non-professional contestants transpinay who joining a pageant. (Professional it means who are always active in pageants and some are undergoing any surgeries, and compete local and international, non-professional who are the beginners of a pageant competition). The most awaited & unforgettable part when Super Sereyna- noontime show in EAT BULAGA featured in one of a major channel in the Philippines GMA network television. It’s one of the most prestigious pageants of the country which some other countries come and compete. Miss Amazing– One of the most prestigious transgender pageant, held in theatre CCP complex Pasay city. The Manila Five Prettiest, held in CCP complex Pasay city and Miss Gay Manila, Queen Philippines of Cebu, these are the big pageants where mostly professional and famous transgender woman joined. They compete with brain and beauty, even if you have a beauty but lack of knowledge to answer the question of the competition you can’t make it to the top. In every pageant, it’s a lot of fun and entertainment to the audience when every candidate wearing a colorful custom and lovely outfits.


During super sereyna its the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines. Exposure on TV, because of its live on GMA network, Philippines television. The unforgettable moment of a pageant is the Super Sereyna Worldwide 2014 where some different countries come and compete for the pageant and won by Miss Nigeria. Exposures of a transgender community during Sinulog parade in Cebu very talented, and very creative of making beautiful colorful custom as well. And Of course they can make happy to the audience because mostly transgender knows how to entertain people, they are a good entertainer of every party to show their talent to the community, and it’s an exposure to the world that they can do to make people happy.

Transgender life

Life of transgender is not easy, some are discriminated, but if you’re a simple person no educational attainment it’s not easy to get a job. So, many transgender women are escorted, and ladyboy webcam girl because they want an easy money. Mostly transgenders people are victims of bullying because LGBT is tolerated but not totally accepted that’s the fact, but very proud to those who live a decent life and decent job especially in BPO industry where transwoman are accepted. There are also that working in a salon/parlor hairdresser where they are hardworking because they know how to cut and trim the hair, nail manicure and pedicure.


Here is the famous transgender woman and idolize of all people in the Philippines and in Asian countries. World class beauty with poise, elegance and golden heart.

Here they are:

Kevin Balot,  Miss International Queen 2012 title holder in Pattaya Thailand, famous beauty queen, entertainer, and endorser, she was born in Tarlac city. She’s so famous transgender woman in the Philippines because of her beauty and very active in all pageant in the Philippines, she was idolized by all transpinay by her very feminine look and her sexy body. She loves to travel, and she loves partying. Back to her life, she’s not accepted by her father to be a transgender because she’s the only one son let say, but after she wins the miss international queen they have a good relationship now to her family especially to the father. If you want to know her more just follow on her official Facebook account & Instagram acount.

Francine Garcia was born and living in Quezon City Manila, Philippines, a transpinay Beauty Queen icon in the Philippines, a model, actress, and comedian. She’s busy her career in showbiz after winning Super Sereyna 2013 noontime show in EAT BULAGA featured in GMA network TV Philippines program. After of the said pageant she receive many offer to be an actress to play the role of some TELESERYE TV program. She’s very famous transgender woman in the Philippines because of the show in Eat Bulaga, started her career 2014 when she been a regular guest on that noo time show and given a chance to be an actress in Villa Quintana one of the teledrama episodes after Eat Bulaga and on year 2015 when she been played another teledrama named The Half Sister and also in Magpakailanman: Gay8 Pride. Looking back her life, she’s started joining in some pageant during teenager, mostly she always in a beauty pageant competition local and international. You can follow on her Facebook account & Instagram account

Trixie Maristela, she was born in Makati city but living and residing in Pasig City Philippines. A Filipino Transpinay and LGBT Rights Advocate, Actress and Beauty Queen. She graduated in UP Diliman, a multilingual language major in Spanish and French. She’s a  winner of Miss International Queen 2015 held in Pattaya Thailand, she bring the crown and a title holder for the 2nd time after Kevin Balot, for the said pageant. She have a Filipino boyfriend (trans orientated man) who wrote and published there first book called “He’s dating a transgender” that based on their true love story. She’s famous transgender woman in Philippines and in Asian countries. She started her career on 2014 when she has a TV appearance after winning Super Sereyna 2014, a guest in Celebrity Bluff and Unang Hirit program in GMA network Philippines television. On 2015 she been has a TV appearance in different 3 major television, in GMA network she been featured in Tunay Na Buhay, CelebriTV and played the role in Pinagpalang Ama:EAT BULAGA Lenten drama special 2015, in ABS-CBN network her first TV appearance in Rated K and Umagang Kay Ganda, and  in TV5 network Host Presenter 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night. On year 2016 an appearance again in ASAP 2016 ABS-CBN network,she performed a guest number. And recently she been acting in an episode of Karelasyon in GMA network and her true story featured in Magpakailanman where she act her character. You can follow on her Facebook account & Instagram account

Bee Urgello, a fashion model, LGBT rights advocate, a famous transgender woman in the Philippines was born with a silver spoon in her mouth :), she lived and growing in conservative family in Cebu city Philippines Visayan region and a proud Cebuana, proud to be in a place where the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the rural and the urban fuse together as one harmonious community. She’s a beauty queen with only one title, she’s a title holder queen of Cebu 2011. It’s her first time to join a pageant, no experience but she was crowned as queen of Cebu universe because of confidence of her beauty and with support with her family. Looking back about on her life, she was ran away with her family because she’s not accepted to dress up like a woman, she been independent for a year and working as a call center agent, until she reconciled to her mother and back to there home, and little by little her family totally accepted her and push her to join the pageant. Her story is the same like a story of a normal Transpinay that the parents are not acceptable to be a member of 3rd sex, but her story gives an inspirational lesson to other, it’s an inspiration to pursued life and keep dreaming and praying that someday parents willfully accepted. Follow on her Facebook account

Ladyboy trans Maki Gingoyon
Miss Maki Gingoyon

Maki Gingoyon, a 27-year-old Filipino Transpinay beauty queen, an advocate of LGBT rights, and a model of myladyboydate and transsexual date, a networking decent website for transsexual and trans orientated man. She’s an online marketing and marketing manager of the said decent website. She’s Living in Cebu city Philippines and studying of bachelor of science physiology. Before she became a beauty queen she’s working in a call center company. She became well-known when she is winning of A queen of Cebu 2010 until she’s active joining pageant in barangays and later on she decided to join the super Sereyna a noontime show in Eat Bulaga when she won the queen of the sky 2013. She’s talented, smart and intelligent Transpinay in the Philippines. She’s a vegetarian. She loves going to the gym to stay fit and healthy. Follow on her Facebook account

Matmat Centino, a legendary beauty queen icon in the Philippines, she was born in Samar Visayan region, she’s a personal development teacher, she teach her student as an aspiring beauty contender started from young age, she teach them how to speak well in front of different audience and of course the way to put make up on days and night and above all proper behaviour on how be able to inculcate in every characteristics that surrounding in the environment that have got because its very important should know the audience. She’s known very well for her powerful voice when she can hit the high notes and, of course, she’s famous because she’s intelligent, smart and brilliant on how to answer the questions in every pageant. She’s a famous transgender woman In the Philippines with beauty and poise, during a past years she been featured played and doing some role in a Filipino movie. If you want to know her just follow her Facebook account.

Maria Sofia Sanchez
Maria Sofia Sanchez

Maria Sofia Sanchez, 32-year-old, zodiac sign of Virgo, (which means a virgin), she’s plant-based eater means a vegetarian she fights injustice especially for animals. She’s model based in London according to her and known of ” tuloy ang modeling para sa ekonomiya ng pilipinas, pak ganun” which is means about her confidence and it’s encourages to fellow Filipinos that no matter what challenges they are facing life must go on, a social video sensation, famous transgender woman after posting her video trends online. She was in Cebu and Hongkong most of the time and HK is one of her favorite cities. She loves drinking and partying. More about her just follow her Facebook account

Michelle S Binas, LGBT RIGHTS ADVOCATES, she’s coming from in Mindanao region, one of the candidates for Miss International Queen 2015, a famous transgender in the Philippines, looking back about her she was a title holder of Manila Five Prettiest Philippines. Follow her Facebook account



Aya Garcia transgender transexual
Aya Garcia

Aya Garcia, living in Quezon city Philippines, a mode, and a comedian entertainer, she’s pretty Transpinay and one of the close friend of Francine Garcia. She’s active of all beauty pageant in the Philippines, she’s not a stranger in a pageant industry, she is joining the super Sireyna-queen of the wind 2013 and recently one of the queens of Quezon city 2015. She’s also famous transgender woman in the Philippines because of her career, she loves party with friends.

Hazel Timonera
Hazel Timonera

Hazel Timonera, a model, a successful businesswoman entrepreneur, decent and professional TransPinay. Here life been featured in TV program, and she shared her secrets to maintaining her beautiful and sexy body and her beautiful face as well, and she’s talking about her life in an episode of Tunay na Buhay in GMA network it’s a Life Story episode, she shared to works hard because she has a dream until she been one of a successful businesswoman trans Pinay in the Philippines. She’s a very famous transgender woman in the Philippines because of her successful career and she’s idolize of all transpinay in the Philippines. She’s one of an inspiration to all.

Rui Mariano
Rui Mariano

Rui Mariano, a successful entrepreneur, performer, actress and entertainer in Theatre, she’s amazing, pretty and talented, she lived in Antipolo city the Philippines, crowned of Miss Amazing Beauties 2014, active in joining beauty pageant in the Philippines, she joined Super Sereyna Worldwide- Queen of Fire 2014 and recently crowned title holder of Manila Five Prettiest 2015. She’s always crowned favorite wherever pageant she joined. She’s also a famous transgender woman of a beauty pageant in the Philippines.

Nikie Normanson trans pinay model
Nikki Normanson

Nikie Normanson, in real name Dominique Noelle Estanislao, living in Marikina City Philippines. She worked as a recruitment promoter and training specialist in a call center agency, she’s blessed with a very understanding and accepting family, she and her dad have a very special relationship, her dad is a Colonel. She has been joining pageant since when she’s 16years old and she won most. She competes for the biggest and prestigious pageant in the Philippines, she wants to retire in from her career as a beauty queen on the top of the game. She loves pageant since she was a kid so everytime there’s a big pageant for transsexuals women she joined. She’s no stranger to a pageant having previously win of Queen of Quezon city 2015, Queen of Cebu in 2013, Queen of Northern Luzon 2014( Tuguegarao) and Queen of the South 2014 (Davao) a legendary beauty icon in the Philippines, from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, she’s title holder of big pageant, she’s famous transgender woman in the Philippines.

Iwa Simbulan tras woman Pinay Philippines
Iwa Simbulan

Iwa Simbulan, beauty queen, entertainer, she’s sweet and pretty Transpinay from Taguig city Manila, very active joining local pageants in the Philippines. She’s a queen of all barangays, towns city in Taguig and even in other places. She joining super Sereyna 2013 and one of the title holder of Manila Five Prettiest 2013. She has a Filipino boyfriend who always supports of her career every pageant. She loves to travel with her boyfriend and she loves partying. She’s a famous transgender woman too. If you want to know her just follow her Facebook account.

Transgender Nathalie Arcache Masade
Miss Nathalie Arcache Masade

Nathalie Arcache Masade, from Butuan city Mindanao region, beauty queen, winner of miss amazing 2013, she’s a famous transgender woman in the Philippines. Back to her life, she’s started her pageant career at a young age, just like life that has many up and down, twists and turns. She’s used to winning and losing in different pageants, she also joining super Sereyna queen of the universe and Manila five Prettiest. She loves to travel. If you want to know her more just follow her Facebook account.

Miss Carla Madrigal

Carla Madrigal, advocates of LGBT rights and equality, recently crowned as queen of the Philippines 2015 in Cebu city, she’s living and came from in Misamis Oriental city. She’s studying a bachelor of science tourism undergraduate. She starts to join some pageants when she’s 17 years old. At a young age, she knows that she’s different to other kids but she’s so lucky compared to other sisters because her family is very supportive. Her dreams is to become a beauty queen to inspire other people of her advocacy. She also plans to participate the miss international queen pageant in Thailand. In additional info about her, she has a charity program helping children’s, unfortunately, can’t go school who used to live in the rural community on top of the mountain. If you want to know her more just follow her Facebook account.

Bembem Radaza, a famous beauty queen from Mindanao region Cagayan de Oro city. Stunning pretty lady. She’s Super Sereyna Queen of the Ocean 2013 during her winning on this pageant she chooses the House of Hope Foundation as her beneficiary because she wants to help them and to feel them by for care and hope to be a happy family and there’s harmonious life. She is also a title holder of Miss Amazing Philippines 2009, she’s active of all pageants local and international.

Some beautiful and famous transgender woman are missing in these articles. Don’t worry meet Decent Beautiful LADYBOY now. CLICK THIS LINK.

Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.

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  1. Great article here noting the accomplishments of some of the finest women in the Philippines. While I find the simple understated beauty of Nathalie and Fiona most appealing. There is something for all men to admire in everyone of these women profiled.

    It is an incredible feat to undertake, maintain and sustain oneself as a woman. It’s hoped the writer (Roxy) continues to write about these women and chronicle the lives of some of the older trans/women. As one does not stay young forever.

  2. Having this blogged is something that can be proud of.The success of what they’ve achieved and the author of this blogged is pride of transpinay and for all the people who believe the ability and capacity of every people who’s part of LGBT.

    You have my respect and I salute you sisters:)

    1. Hi Lucky,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments, appreciated and big thanks for reading my blog post.
      Hope you can share and follow my blog post soon.

      Thank you

  3. Hi Love your page Roxy -what you write is helping me understand my self better and how much I love trans women, Asian in particular, so feminine and lovely omg. One day I will meet a trans lady because I’m more snd more seeing myself who I am. It’s been a journey… Your sweetness comes through in your writing!! Lots of wonderful information .. 🙂
    Jon Pierre

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