This is a very sensitive article that everyone wakes up and face the reality. Lot’s of foreign men’s says that Filipinos women or transwomen asking money online. Is this called a gold digger? or a scam? Anyways, I am telling you that not all are gold diggers but some of them are used to it.

I am not pointing out only to transwomen but also even genetic women ask money to a foreigner. Mostly Filipinos think, that if a Filipina marries to a foreign man is rich which is not true. Anyways are you marrying only his money? Where is the LOVE? You love the money not him. The mentalities of people that they think that to foreigners are rich and taking advantage of that. Not all westerners are rich just an ordinary person too. Some foreigners think bad to Filipinos because of what they experienced like sending money online that makes them think that Filipinos are a gold digger.

I am a Filipino transwoman and I agree that there are lot’s of gold digger around but I also defend the rights of innocent one because not all Filipinos are like that (gold digger). Decent people who have a good and nice job can’t do that. The educated person who knows what is bad and what is wrong. I am a Filipino who have heart, feel the real love and sincerity and have faith in God. So you know that we are not that materialistic it’s just a stereotype.

People, who do, asking money to foreigners they have a reason too why? Anyways, I am not pointing out only to foreign men that these gold digger asking money only with them but even to a Filipino men’s gold digger ask too. They have this manner already in the mindset how to make a deal to there victims.

Find out…


Here are some recurring reasons, the most typical.

  • Asking money because no work and no money to pay the electric bills, water bills, internet bills or whatsoever bills.
  • Asking money to buy a new gadget or a gift because of her birthday.
  • Asking the help of money for the operation of breast implant or beauty enhancement.
  • Asking money because she needs to buy a medicine, she told she was sick.
  • Asking more and everything what’s in her mind to make you scam to play with you.

More dramas that make you pity her. Asking money to pay the tuition fee for school. Asking everything to make support financially for her and to all her families. More dramas like split up or break up and find another one who is deserving if a foreigner can’t send what ashamed!
These are common issues I heard online scammed based as I talked to men as what they experienced. But maybe some foreigner don’t know these kind of scenarios so this blog helps for them just to aware of these kind of dramas.

A friendly message to all boys who experienced these kinds of mudos sorry for him. Beware of this kind of dramas, avoid sending money online not really good to trust 100 percent because at the end of the day you will regrets. Friendly reminder, if you’re in a relationship and your girlfriend asks for help especially money it’s up to you if you want to give or not it’s your decision

Some girls abusing you if you give and give and give every time she asks. This is mostly happening in a long distance relationship. Anyways, maybe you can help a small amount but not often. Maybe you can help which is not against in your heart too. As I said the decision always depends on you because your Filipina girlfriend will not force you if you want to give or not. It’s not your obligations to support her financially.



Many of us seeking a soulmate, we go online and visit ONLINE DATING SITE – MY LADYBOY DATING SITE. Our purpose finding a good friends boyfriend, soulmate or even up to marriage. The mentalities of some Filipino girls (genetic woman) or transwoman finding a rich foreign boyfriend online. Anyways I didn’t conclude about these mentalities because as I said above, not all are the same were not materialistic it’s just a stereotype. A member who is not serious about the site automatically kick out by a moderator. The scammer and gold digger beware in the decent dating site.

So my blog post is just to give advice to everyone but doesn’t scare anyways to visit online dating site especially if you are single, as I said DECENT DATING SITE does not tolerate fake people scammer or gold digger. Don’t ruin everyone trust continue what you feel in your heart and pursue what’s in your mind. We Filipinos and foreign are in the good relationship when it comes to dating. Some are afraid to find again, a Filipina girlfriend but all I can say is don’t afraid don’t give up its part in our life if you failed at first there’s always a second time to try. My advice finds a real one who has beautiful lovely hearts and souls and that’s what really loves not a gold digger or the one who loves only your cash. So, I am hoping for the best and that all will be well.

Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.


  1. Hiiii. Thank you for this. I have been dating this guy from New Zealand for 4 years. I was 16 back then, and he was 15. When people found out that i was dating someone foreign, people jumped into different conclusions. They’d asked me what were the things i got from him, how much allowance i received, and immediately thought that i was dating someone who’s way older than me. (I have nothing against that kind of relationship since some of my aunties are in one) They just jumped into that conclusion since obviously, i was young and how can someone as young as me provide for me? But i haven’t really received anything from my BF. He said he’ll give me something like a necklace but i always refuse. Also he offered me things that doesn’t cost him a luxury, he offered things that was purely out of his love for me, and i did the same. Like letters, a ring his grandma gave him and told him to give it to someone he loves, drawings he did, songs i composed for him, things like that. Whenever i tell people about his age, they always seemed so surprised. I’m just tired of stereotypes. I do love my guy, not because he’s a foreigner but because he is him. People need to realize that not because most people does that kind of thing, doesn’t mean everyone is doing it.

    1. Hi good everning roxy i m rahman from malaysian just want to no about pill hormone deine 35 my age now turn 43 can i take this pil deine 35 i just take 1 pil one day i want to be transwoman wat pil i want to take for my age pls help me

  2. Hi ,Roxy.My gf is a filipino ladyboy, she is 39 and i am 62. Let me please tell you our story.We met each other in a dating site, I was in Manila living with my gf during 3 months past year.By the way,I just felt really moved visiting your country, knowing people there never thought in doin it, and being as spaniard a as i am,felt so too when i could see the print of a part of my culture and language on yours.My gf and i spent 17 months in relationship,…..but we broke a lot of times in that period and back again.Really , seems just like a kind of a miracle we yet keep to be together . We had a lot of discussions about sending money or not, first because she asked for it to me indirectly.But every time i visited a site talking about the issue, pages like this of yours no more, and knowing the problem and the debate about that, and trying to follow up the advices of the owner of the company we met each other, he told me :dont send money until you have your gf in front of you, that i was in trouble and discussing with her.And everytime i told her not to send money coz i felt suspicious, she was leaving me, but she cried a lot,and me too.And so, almost month after month .Then we forgot fighting and everything turned to be ok.A madness , really.I visited her family, she is the eldest of 7 siblings,and … really poor.Apart a couple of extras, well justified and true,i send to her 200 e each month.And really i dont get to know how much is the normal, medium , salary there and i dont know how much the minimun salay there in the Philippines, 200 e is the lower ?Her job as a call operator is really unstable, she comes and goes from one company to another, coz companies broke down suddenly.WE want to get married in Spain, and i am telling her all the time, but i am so old for you!, but she does not really cares about it. Anyway, when i read about it in internet, i mean about everything on dating, soon i can be afraid, it just really scares me, yes. Even I could see saw a profile like me when some people describes the perfect victim for a gold digger: westerner , living alone , a bit old .One day i was so afraid as many times and i said to her, i will not send you more mahal, and she said ok, but was a bad moment to do it, she was really desperated, after three months without a job, and we video chatted and she cried.I am sure she fights with me because her parents,too, because maybe she send them some ammount , and parents, for a reason i dont want to say , are not able to work, i mean they cant, They are a fisherman family, there in Negros occidental .I went to a date site , just because i was divorced and like ladyboys, as i just knew two years ago.My gf and i have talked about scammers , gold diggers, etc,and in one moment she recognized to me that there is a certain kind of culture that see with very good eyes dating with foreigners cos they simply think that doin so they will be living like rich. And the problem with filipino people is just because they are too many intelligent, they have to be so in that way coz the life is, speaking generally, really hard to many of them, and that made them so cold and calculator sometimes.Is just my point of view.I told it to her, she is really intelligent, she studied Home Economics, but now i know that many filipinos are smarty. Finally,I will come back in a few days there, i will see,we will look forward , in the Philippines is impossible to marry as we want. No need to say that many times we enjoy a lot together talking, and eating when i was there ,and making jokes and laughing. Thanks.

  3. Hi Medam
    This is Anu from India
    Indias 5000 Transgendars has their
    Plz can u help me money $10.000
    Why because Indian transgender no job no home this is govarnament roll
    Transgender begging in traffic signal and sleeping in bus stops
    That was iam Asking money
    I purchase one house and I keeptin the business that’s way iam asking
    Plz save me transgender women

    Thanks Regards

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