How to spot a ladyboy? To tell if she’s ladyboy honestly it’s not easy, if you are a westerner man and not living in Asia for some time. For the people here in the Philippines or Thailand, it’s easy to tell if she’s a ladyboy instead. Why? First, because we are used to seeing beautiful and pretty Asian ladyboy for the fact that there are more transsexuals in the Asian Continent. Because the society it is more tolerant, trans women are not afraid to come out. That’s why Asian countries have a huge population of trans. You can really see a trans anywhere in the very famous cities of Manila and Bangkok for example, just to name a couple. But of course, some of them it’s really difficult to spot. Why? Some are gifted with the very natural female bone structure, so feminine and perfect that you hardly could tell.

Westerner people who been to Philippines or Thailand are familiar with a ladyboy and know it already how to spot them. They might be seen in a beauty pageant, cabaret show, working in beauty salon or clothes shop. And with the emancipation of LGBT community, in recent years even some Asian airlines company hired transsexuals and transgenders. And last… even sex workers that you can pick in the street, sad but that’s a reality.

Here below I’ve put a short guide on how to spot a ladyboy in Asia.


  1. VOICE might be you hear a higher voice than men but sounds different. Very easy to spot the voice even if she removed her Adam’s apple already.
  2. THE BROAD SHOULDERS big difference to compare to a genetic woman. Some Ladyboys has broad shoulder than hips.
  3. ADAMS APPLE look and check the neck. That’s very easy to spot a ladyboy.
  4. ELBOWS one of the most indicators to spot a ladyboy because men’s elbows are more square than girls.
  5. BEHAVE TOO FEMININE look at the way she moves, the way she walks. Always touching her hair like she is doing a beauty pageant even at normal places like at the bar… That’s common among ladyboys, transgender, transsexuals.
  6. SIZE OF FEET. Look at the feet. If they are out of proportionally large, it is most likely a t-girl.
  7. HEIGHT Filipina and Thai girls are not really tall but mostly trans are taller than average. Asian height is an average of 5’5 ft. Above that it’s unusual.
  8. OVER FEMININE SHAPE super exaggerated hips and boobs. There are Trans who have done hips and boobs enhancement, and among the sex workers, oversized features happen frequently.
  9. OVERACTING very common to a trans woman who is talking to each other. Talk loudly with high pitch. It’s very unusual because of exaggerated voice. Overacting or overreacts.
  10. NO BRA mostly girls wearing the bra you can’t see girls without a bra. So if you see a girl no bra means that you’re talking to a trans.
  11. DRESS CODE mostly transwomen are very confident to wear a very sexy outfit compared to girls. Those who are already done boobs and hips enhancement are more showy and self-confidence.
  12. I.D. CARD the final check is the ID card or identification card. Even if you’re feminine look and already gone SRS the ID card still remains the name of what gender we born. In Philippines or Thailand doesn’t allow to change. If you’re in western countries it’s legal and possible to change the papers. Transwomen use only a screen name to avoid to ruin of trans femininity.

These few details should help you to better recognize a ladyboy, with that said, it doesn’t necessary means that all transgender have such features. The best way would be to know some ladyboys and get familiar with the online dating. So you can organize a date and meet ladyboys in real.

And what can u say about ladyboys?

If you haven’t had any experience yet, try to MEET LADYBOY ONLINE NOW! Here I also met my lovely BF! Recommended really!

When you see them online you can’t say if they are a transwoman. So, therefore, what gender you are what feature you have either your feminine or not important is how to RESPECT! 

It’s not a matter what gender we have, what features we have. Trans oriented men who are looking for a decent dating relationship knows these tips how to spot a ladyboy.

Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.

7 thoughts on “HOW TO SPOT A LADYBOY IN ASIA?”

  1. I don’t know about the no bra thing. I have dated three girls in the Philippines and at least on our dates they never ever wore bras. They were all very very short and two of them were pretty much flat though

  2. Great blog , for your info I dated a wonderful transgender person in Cebu last year ,Actually I only knew she was transgender because she hung out with a few other transgender girls .
    She is lucky to have a perfect feminine body ,and with her feminine beauty, beautiful long hair and her general cleanliness and great feminine behaviour lead many of my friends to think she is a lovely girl! Only when you look at her feet which is large you start to wonder !
    Among all the girls I dated in Cebu ,she is the only one that really captured my heart.
    Unfortunately she is so much younger than me ,and still very innocent ,I could not hurt her so I broke it off before it became a serious relationship. I secretly keep an eye on her on her facebook page just to make sure she is OK!,
    She convert me form a straight only loving ladies to a bisexual who loves ladies and pretty ladyboys!

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