The Real Essence Of Pride March

Why we celebrate Pride March? For what for is it? The real purpose of pride march is to celebrate the freedom of all individuals of LGBT community. It is done to celebrate the existence of LGBT people without undergoing persecution and mistreatment. It is there to tell the world that we LGBT people exist and that all together, we are fighting against discrimination, injustice, intolerance, violence and harrassment to LGBT individuals solely on the basis of them being LGBT. Thats the REAL PURPOSE of a Pride March. And every year we celebrate of it.

What Pride March Is Not About?

  1. It is not an occasion to celebrate Immorality.This is to celebrate that a relationship with two CONSENTING adults is perfectly fine and shouldn’t be frowned upon. LGBT Love is never immoral. It is always consensual. What we do in the bed during our private times should be none of your business just like we don’t obsesses on what you all do in your own bedrooms. Not immorality.
  2. It is not done to “recruit people to be LGBT”. Thats ridiculous. This is to tell people that LGBT people ACTUALLY exist and it is okay to be LGBT. Being LGBT is perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It doesn’t  make u less of a human being just because you are attracted sexually and romantically to the same or both genders. You become evil when u do evil deeds.
  3. We don’t recruit or convince people to be LGBT because you don’t become one. You are born as one. It will just be a matter of time before you accept your true self. It’s not really that much of an LGBT increase now. We’ve been for a long time much, but others are becoming more visible now because we are more free to express our true thoughts and attitudes and true self.
  4. Lastly, it isn’t to celebrate promiscuity. We all know that in America you see all kinds of promiscuous activities during their Pride March. Let me tell you something. We are NOT all like that. Most of us are decent human beings who just want to live peacefully so I think it is unfair that u guys think LGBT people are obscene. Promoting Hyper Sexual activities or even being Hyper Sexual in public isn’t  one of the core of Pride March. I personally think it was overdone because in America, they over do it. Not all of us are into BDSM, Not all of ur want to walk wearing a dildo outfit, or clothing that almost covers nothing, etc. We also find it ridiculous. We aren’t them and they arent us. Do i find it wrong? NO. They wanna live an extra life, then so be it. But I understand why they do also get extra attention for that.

My message to all LGBT people who celebrates Pride in the Philippines.

Hope we know what we’ve celebrating. It is not a party. Not a place for flirting. We are not in pride march for flirting or obscene in the street. And i hope that don’t make a mess in the street during pride march. This is celebration  and not a protest so dont be like those rallyist who make a mess on the street after their rally. Let’s clean up the mess but we also clean the mess that Filipinos think of us.

And hoping too that before you happy pride, you don’t invalidate other Trans people (Those who are pre transition or in early transition). Hope you don’t hate on Gay people being effeminate (Baklang bakla) or masculine presenting (Paminta). Hope you don’t exercise internalized transphobia/homophobia. Hopefully there is no hatred for either trans or gay. Hopefully Good Vibes always. Let us lift each other up. It’s only one day in a year. So, Can we at least do it right?

I hope this covers everything. Happy Pride ?️‍⚧ SPREAD LOVE CHEERS!

Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.


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