Sexual role, meaning to say what’s the role of your partner? It’s the way a person acts, feels and attitudes about being a male or female or expectations based on gender. Have you ever heard of Top, Bottom and Versatile?

These are words referred to roles of human sexuality. The Positions of your partner during sexual activity. In the so called third sex community, these three words have origins in the gay lingo (gay term) and these are today being used by the whole third gender community, and straight as well. Some people question these words what is the meaning especially those Heterosexual people.

I put my self as an example. I’m a transgender woman and Bottom is my sexual role. My partner, a straight man, and he is Top in sexual activity. I am comfortable in my sexual role. I feel pleasure being bottom being penetrated and that’s my sexual role. When you are dating us, transwoman better know the sexual role of your partner. Usually a bottom person they prefer to find or look a top. If you’re versatile your match is versatile too but I didn’t say that if your Top or Bottom you can’t date a versatile. Instead, better to know your partner sexual role to avoid ending up with a surprise when you are together. There are also trans women who are top indeed! YES, but not all. That’s why it’s very important to know having to have a relationship with 3rd gender sexual role.

Meaning of TOP and BOTTOM and VERSATILE in LGBT community

Let’s clarify the meaning of these words.

TOP – a person who penetrates. Who never played the role of being penetrated. They only prefer to penetrate because that’s the only way they feel pleasure.

BOTTOM – the person being penetrated. They only prefer to be penetrated and never wants to penetrate. This is the opposite of TOP. Bottom persons find it more pleasurable when they are penetrated.

VERSATILE -a person who both plays the role of TOP and BOTTOM. Who prefers to penetrate and likes being penetrated as well. They feel more pleasurable. VERSATILE plays on two parts you’re either a versatile but more bottom or you’re a versatile but more TOP.


Above, are all the meanings of these three words describe your sexual role. And now maybe you know where you belong. Find out your sexual role maybe a top or bottom either versatile. If you don’t have these three sexual roles maybe your not a HUMAN or maybe not from planet Earth. Means no acts, no feelings and attitude like a human being. Knowing someone or own sexual role is important when it comes to having a relationship with a third sex person. Find out your sexual role match. 

This is logic. Top match to bottom. Bottom prefers to a Top partner. Versatile match to a versatile too. So, therefore, when your top, find a bottom sexual role partner. If your bottom you’re looking for a top. Versatile means from the word itself versa- to be top or bottom. And take note, Difference between Versatile more on top and Versatile more on the bottom? Meaning to say that some transwoman or gay people especially versatile she’s dating to versatile person too. She’s versatile but more bottom or more top that’s what I’m trying to say. Here some questions.

Can a bottom date to a bottom or versatile too? YES! A versatile can date to a bottom or top too? Yes! It’s Better to try if it works your dating to somebody who has same as your sexual role. If you like to pursue and that’s it. And find out if it works there’s no problem to try.

Who am I to judge? What I’m trying to say now that whatever your sexual role it is important that a partner who understands, knows and accept what sexual role you have. Doesn’t matter what your sexual preference to your partner important that he or she knows what’s your sexual role. Tips while getting know each other on chat to tell honestly your sexual preference to fulfill both sexual pleasures. Be open-minded of these cases it’s important to discuss this part to your chatmate. Open to each other and telling the truth because we don’t want to end up a surprise.

When you are in dating site there’s an option if what’s your sexual role and be sure you put it in a proper answer.

Find out here! DECENT DATING SITE – sexual role. If maybe some People don’t know what it means they just put in a wrong answer and maybe he or she’s curious about her sexual preference.

Transsexual Dating sites helps a lot today to find a decent and match partner in life. So, guys find out your sexual role now and don’t forget to apply it to our decent dating site online.



Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.


  1. I guess my ladyboy friend and I are versa. She says she prefers a top but then on many occasions she asks to be top. I gladly accept because i really like her and enjoy being with her so I don’t want something simple like who is top to get in the way. Do you think this is ok for our relationship?

    1. I’m lucky my girlfriend is a top/versa but she won’t let me top I’m happy becoming pure bottom and don’t want to try to penetrate her again as long she happy.

  2. I am interested in dating a Transgender Woman. If she is versatile and I am does that make me Gay. From reading it does now or is that wrong

    1. Hi Dave,
      doesn’t mean when your dating a versatile transwoman your a gay or become a gay. My answer is NO since you are attracted to transwomen and some of them are versatile too indeed! can’t affect your sexual preference dating a versatile transwoman because your a versatile too indeed are match together.

  3. Hello, I am interested in hooking up with a trans woman but I am finding it difficult finding one that is not a pro which I don’t want to do because of the lack of genuine intimacy. There are a few on craigslist who say they total bottoms, but because I have a little problem with ED and I have had to be top in hetro relationship, I am interrested in being the bottom.
    Can I try to contact these gals who say they are bottom and just engage in mutual play just to get my foot into the door, so to speak? Also if I find one at a club, ( 0 luck as of now, just guys trying to hit on me) I have been informed by other internet resources that because of disforia(sp?), not to ask her about the function of her genitals.

  4. Hi Roxy. I have been a straight guy all my life, but since seeing a most beautiful shemale nude with a massive penis – i am hooked! I don’t want a female with virgina anymore, need one with a penis! Not attracted to men, but what am I! gay! terrible dilemma! (age 62)

  5. I experimented a lot when I was young with both sexs, while I was with girls I was always the top but when I explored sex with my best friend a male. I quickly flipped to bottom, being penitrated was the ultimate sexual experience for me. So I was very confused for a long time, until I met my first trans lady. It became clear that I was a bottom, having no desire to penitrated her, it was a eye opening experience for me. But the relationship quickly soured due to her being versatile and needed to be penitrated which I wasn’t really into. The problem for me is I have no interest in men, even though I am a bottom I only desire tg’s & ts’s. But all of the ones I have dated or either bottoms like myself or versatile. Are there really any top only trans ladies around. If so where can I find them?

  6. Dear Roxy. I became interested in meeting a trandgender woman by listening Stef Sanjati. Wonderful woman. I would like to meet someone online first to establish communication and friendship. I am not looking for a hookup. Any suggestions?

  7. For myself, I class myself as versatile although my girlfriend appreciates oral and being top, as I really enjoy being bottom, but once a few times a month, we switch roles happily.
    Keeps things lively in the bedroom…

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