Transition from male to female of a Transgender woman

Hormonal Replacement Therapy or HRT is a procedure of transition from male to female to become TRANSSEXUAL. Hormones can be found two different forms, a tablet, and injectable. Depending on the brand and quality, there are estrogen hormones that can help to develop a better look like feminine. Anti-androgen is a hormone that usually use to block the male hormones of a transwoman so some hairs lessen to grow and the muscles lessen to develop in another word to make it soft.During the period of taking hormones must avoid to drink alcohol and must rest a proper time the more you sleep well the more the hormones works. The hormones help to change after a month or a year to become a goddess in a transgender woman community. Pre-op or post-op take hormones too or even if they are already undergone any surgical operations. Hormones are just like a medicine of a trans or it’s a lifetime maintenance medicine. To become a woman should be, must start early in transition and it cost money to buy pills and hormones but for sure there’s a good progress after all. If possible start at 12-year-old.

Transition of a transgender woman from male to female

About my experience when I take hormones I can say that more effective are those injectable and it does not really risk or harm to the liver, unlike oral pills which is not good too much taking of it.

I start my transition when I’m 23 years old, it’s late of my transition but look at my pics the progressive of 4 years of taking hormones. So, I try all kinds of hormones. I start with microphyll 3 tab every day after a month I experience that my boobies are getting grow and painful.

After 2 years I’m curious to other pills so I decide to take a diane35, 2tab every day after few weeks I notice that my skin are so smooth and I love the effects of diane35 my face as well are smooth.

So after 1 year of diane35, I switch to althea 2tab everyday but after I take  1 pad I stop and went to the doctor for check up almost 6months I never take pills to refresh and clean up my liver I rest for a while of hormones.

After 6 months I like to take hormones again and I’m curious to know some other hormones so I try to search on the internet if what’s the best hormones or if there are other hormones that I never know.

I saw some in HRT online that they are selling hormones so I try thE Progynon brown depot, I have my friend nurse who inject the Progynon every week and diane35 1tab every day then after a few months I see the result I’m blooming and more feminine.

Best hormones that I recommend for a better transition by combining of female hormones and testosterone blockers. For me, the better results were obtained with Premarin which is a pure estrogen, and the blocker that I use is Progynon an anti-androgen blocker. After one or two months you will start to notice the first changes on your look and body. There’s a good effect of combining hormones during the transition.

Here are the hormones that I know and I want to share it with you so you know a different kind of it and you have choices.

List of pure hormones estrogen contain:



  • Premarin
  • Prosexol
  • LDB
  • Estromon
  • Progynova

List of pure anti androgen contain hormones:




  • Androcur
  • Hyles

List of hormones estrogen and anti-androgen contain:




  • Nina
  • Diane35
  • OC35
  • Preme

List of injectable hormones:


  • Progynon depot
  • Proluton depot
  • Phenokinon
  • Oestradiol Benzoate


NOTE: To all transgender woman know your hormones that you take and know it if its estrogen or anti-androgen and consult your physician first for your health condition and they check your hormones level in your body.


There are many kinds of hormones but we must take it easy by taking in a right dosage or in a low dosage as possible. For example, when you are taking a Premarin you can cut it half and take it daily and your combo is Progynon depot once a week injection. If you want to take a Proxesol I can advise that you take it 3 times a week or 2 times a week plus Progynon depot once a week.

Effects of hormones

There are good and bad effects of hormones, during a long time of taking hormones there are some changes. Look at my changes from 2013 to 2016 there are some changes it means that my hormones I take is effective and works. Same also here on the site many beautiful transwoman male to female. If you take a look these are beautiful trans taking hormones MTF Take a look now guys click this link.

Here are some effects that usually you experience :

  • You feel pain and it grows a little your boobies
  • Less libido or no more arousal
  • Longer time of taking can’t cum or a little fluid comes out
  • Slow growing of hair in the body
  • Feminine look and soft look
  • Blooming
  • Behaviour changes like moody
Prices of hormones and brand:

If you are looking for more information about good brands, advises, and price list of hormones, you can message me on my Facebook page or at the contact page on my blog, for a direct referral or for reservations.

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Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.

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  1. Hello Roxy, I have read and liked your story, and so helpful,.. I have a question, is there a hormones that won’t affect sex drive?

    1. Hi Sam thanks for your comments well, hormones can really affect sex drive but by minimizing taking of it and proper diet eating healthy foods can helps also won’t affect sex drive.

      1. Hi sis I’m Anusha 22 frm india.. WATS better suggestion yu I’ll prefer Dr me to start hormones .i had already been on aldactone 50mg.anti androgen ND left it talking.. More ever I’m a hairy body. I’m so much disgusted on tat.. So wld kindly help me

  2. Hi
    I am mature and wish to trans to a woman, I am not worried about loss of libido or reduction of my genitals less the better. What hormones shoud I take for quicker results, and where to buy.

    1. Hello,
      hormones contain estrogen with anti androgen hormones too you can take it by combining together, but much better to ask your doctor so he can give a proper hormones for your age. Thank you for your comments.

    2. David, I would recomend you to check with ypur doctor first. Since you want to transition at your age now, you have to undergone physical and vital check first before instilling estrogen to your body to avoid drastic side effect…

  3. hi… i just want to ask. im 26 now and im planning to start HRT by next year january. i just wanted to know f what is the best pill to intake as a first timer. and if so, if orally should be take together with the anti-androgen pill or spiro? please reply. i just need to know. thank you

    1. aS a first timer just try diane 35. And later on you can decide to take pure estrogen together with anti androgen. Start now for better transition it’s not late yet 🙂

      1. I want to be transwomen. Can u help me roxxy . That i take diane 35 with combo progynova daily twice bothof . My combo right or not

  4. Hi I am started progynova 4 mg per day 2×2 only nothing else.

    I am very slim and my age is 26
    I want to know that is it enough for my transition or not or how much time it will take to start develop female characteristics in me.

      1. Hi I’m Kajal from delhi I’m m2f cross dresser my age 40+ I’m male by birth but I’m completely female type my body and mind and my beware i wear reguller female dress i want use self female hormones pills for my breast development big size and i want breastfeeding plz help me and tell me name of hormones pills

    1. yes you can take prosexol it’s pure estrogen with androcur it’s anti androgen it’s a good combination mixing of hormones or taking in same time.

  5. Hi! dear.. 1 week since i started to use HRT (progynon) ung brown ung lalagyan ng bottle..then at the same time taking micropill it is okay to combine them? ..or much better to take diane or both?

    some of my friends told me 1 hrt progynon (estrogen) + 1 hrt (proluton) progestin..

    which is gain better?

      1. You mean.. I used to it both
        combination of HRT with difference syringe?
        How about using tablet combine with HRT injectable..
        what recommendation do you give it to me…
        please I need your advice!!
        I eager to look feminie outside or might be inside..
        Thank you po..

  6. Hi Roxy,I like your story, and how u educate us in your story, I want to keep in touch with u, I’m asking for help where I can go or a clinic that can help me to start my HRT .I hope u can help me Roxy…thanks!


  7. Hi Roxy is phenokinon is safe for those who have a heart failure??? Because this is my 1st time to try it so I want to know it about more ..

  8. Hi Roxy,

    Just want to ask , currently im taking dianne 35 . Is it ok if i can combine ith with Premarin? Also, may we know the price of Premarin? Thanks

  9. I was so inspired my self to hear your transistion story my dear friend, I like you lot, Can you suggest the hormone tablets which is needed for starting H RT on my body, I wishes to enjoy womanhood rather than this male outfit, could you please help me

      1. Hi roxy i am 50yrs. old and i want to take again edtrogen and A A. I stop taking althea 15 yrs ago .. Is it okay if i start again

  10. Hi Roxy,
    I’m 18 years old.
    I started taking Diane-35 in August and took it for the whole month and stopped it when I noticed that my sperm changed to a fluid. I was scared, that I would never have children, becasue I want to have my biological children one day.
    However, after 3 month of pause I started to take the pills again, and i want to ask you, if I continue taking them, will it make me barren? I will never be able to have kids?

      1. So, basically If I continue taking them, I would never be able to have kids? Even if I interrupt taking them whenever I will want to have a kid.

  11. Hi Roxy this blog is really great. I’m 18 years old and still thinking about transitioning I don’t know what pills to take, what pill do you recommend. I also have bulky muscles around my arms and legs can hormones shrink them. Thank you in advance. Please contact me in my email, I wanna know more about taking HRT pills. Thank you

  12. Roxy can you Give the details available hor mones in india,Iam 24 years old is ithis age is suitable for transistion i am worried of it can you say your suggestion

  13. Hello ma’am Roxy i’m 26 years old. I would like to take the progynon depot brown lining injectable this is my first time to take this but last 2013 I take pills then I stop. My questions it can’t affect this if I take to injectables now?

  14. Hi Roxy,
    I am 40 and starting my journey now. Today first day start with Dianne 35 and will supplement with estromon and observe for next 1 to 3 months. Any changes you will suggest?

  15. Hi roxy.
    Thanks for your blog. I just want to ask if is it a right combo phenokinon + androcur? Pls reply i need your advice

      1. Thanks for the reply roxy.. follow up question.. inject 2 vial every 2nd of the week is it right? Because obe of my friend told me 2 vial every week. But im scared. Pls i need your advice.. thanks

  16. Roxy can you send hormone tablets to me in my country as possible so kindly ,iam a victim of gender identity disorder ,so kindly

  17. Hi I’m Gio 19 years old.
    This is my firstime to taking oral or injectable hormones. Can you help me to decide on what is the best hormone for anti androgen and estrogen? Thank you! Im waiting for your response. Asap

    1. Hi there Gio! i would recomend you to start on using theoral contraceptive marvelon 2-3tablets a day. or you can combine 1tablet diane 35 and 1-2 tablet marvelon.

      if you can afford, you may use estrofem, 2tablet a day, dissolve under the tongue or sublingual, it bypass the liver when taken under toungue which give better result, then combine it with 1/4 or 1/2 tablet of androcur. use a pill cutter to cut androcur. it would be much easier for your liver. if 2 tablets of estrofem is too expensive, you can have 1 tablet instead and substitute another tablet for 1-2tablet of marvelon instead.

      if you can afford injectable hormones, you can have 1 ampule of progynon blue/brown lining every 7 days and combine with 1/4 or 1/2 androcur. also, you can add 1ampule of proluton every 14-15 days for faster breast growth and better results.

      hope it helps! xoxo

      1. correction: for estrofem, recomended dose is 2-3tablet a day sublingual. otherwise if not affordable you can have 1 tablet of estrofem and substitute the other 1-2 tablet with marvelon, micropil. estrofem is much easier on the liver compared to contraceptive pills. thus, replacing all, or some of your contraceptive pill dose for estrofem is beneficial for the liver.

  18. Hi I’m Aine 20 years old. May I ask what pills should I use…
    I’m afraid of using some, cause I have hiccup history. ASAP.

  19. Hi just want to know if those hormones pills or injections can be used for woman who want to enlarge the breast. Will it be effective?and which one should i take? Thx

  20. Hi Roxy, I am on my HRT and it’s been 6 days now. I am taking Premarin and Androcur prescribed by my Dr. How long do you think I will see the results?

  21. Hello,

    I am currently taking Diane 35 and I’m already on my 3rd pack, I am feeling the effect for a better skin and clear face because pimples and acne are always an issue for me however I’m also experiencing mood swings which is really affecting my work, are there any suggestions that you can give? Perhaps, a different pill with same effects without the mood swings behavior.


  22. Hi Roxy, is it okay for a first timer to take prosexol ? Im 31 years old, and by the way do u have any social media accounts so that I could follow you? Thanks! -Nie

  23. hi ate roxy tanong ko lang po kung
    1.mag simula ba muna ako sa diane 35 bago ako mag injectables?
    2. kung mag papa check man ako saang doctor po ako lalapit?
    3. yung bang androcur pwede i take ng buong capsule kasi sabi nila mataas sa dosage nun kaya hinahati nila?
    salamt po

  24. Hi sis,i just started my transision today.. my age is 28,it is till good and can still effectively fast even im a little bit old?
    My combo is LDB,Estrofem,Diane35,androcu and inject with Phenokinon mixed with proluton 1 vial each ? It is still good and can still be effective even im late at my age? Please response thanks

    1. effective naman po kahit anong age pero wow dami mo pong tinatake okay na sana yung androcur and estrofem, kawawa naman si liver

    1. Hi Roxy! is it normal that every time after my intramuscular session is im having fever , in addition to it im using Phenokinon ?

  25. Hello there
    I use Androcur 25 mg Estrofem 2 mg and Progestan 100 mg daily.
    Is this level enough or how much should I increase the dosage.
    Should I combine with other drugs?
    Thanks for your advice.

  26. Meron po bang pwedeng itake na hindi sya nakakapag palaki ng dede pero napapafemenine look ka nya ayaw ko po kasi ng may dede mas okey po kasi sakin yung babae lang yung katawan

  27. Hello ..what’s the difference between progynon brown vs blue lining ..I am using the blue one..I am planning to switch to brown.

  28. Hi Roxy, I’m Prudhvi, 29, i was taken hormones pills last 4 months. Premarin 0.625, now I got small size of boobs. But my skin has growing with unwanted hair. What to do for this situation. What to use for skin smoother. Please reply me

  29. Hello I’m crossdresser Iqra Jan Crossdresser Karachi Pakistan
    Please help.i want first male blocker please you tell injection name in Pakistan

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