What is the difference or definition of PRE-OP, POST-OP or NON-OP transwoman? Do you have an idea what is this? So where you belong? And are you ready for SRS? And What is SRS? To answers these questions these are all terminologies regarding operations of a transwoman.

The meaning of Pre-op, Post-op & Non-op Transwoman

Hello everyone! I just put myself for an example that I’m proud to say that I belong in pre-op transwoman, Continue reading “WHAT IS PRE-OP, POST-OP & NON-OP TRANSWOMAN MEANS?”

Transition from male to female of a Transgender woman

Hormonal Replacement Therapy or HRT is a procedure of transition from male to female to become TRANSSEXUAL. Hormones can be found two different forms, a tablet, and injectable. Depending on the brand and quality, there are estrogen hormones that can help to develop a better look like feminine. Anti-androgen is a hormone that usually use to block the male hormones of a transwoman so some hairs lessen to grow and the muscles lessen to develop in another word to make it soft. Continue reading “Transition from male to female of a Transgender woman”