It’s an adventure to visit in Nasugbu Batangas where there are many nice beaches. One of the Island in Batangas for adventure is FORTUNE ISLAND. If you like an Island hoping maybe this Island it’s on your list to visit. In my experience during my day tour, all I can say that this place was amazing. I feel Continue reading “FORTUNE ISLAND PHILIPPINES DATING AND ADVENTURE”

Dating and Adventure in a Quietest Place in Zambales

Are you ready to fly in the Philippines and meet your one true love? If you are on dating, and a fan of adventures as island hopping, the Archipelagoes of the Philippines, as plenty of choices. In the case of traveling with your date, you may want to visit some quiet lands. Zambales, it’s a good place for a romantic love vacation and some adventure as well. A good alternative rather the typical date in the restaurant. Here I wrote a blog post with some tips and some adventures you can experience in the Philippines. I’d like to share here how to visit some places as Talisayen beach in Brgy. Pundaquit Zambales together with your loved one. It’s a nice place for a couple who like to stay away from the crowd and enjoy each other company.

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