Before to ponder on the LGBT topic I would like to talk a very simple terminology to let people know what it means. My topic is all about LGBT. I want to educate because there are still many people don’t know the definitions of these terminologies. I want them to know and learn. They are familiar with these terms but some of them didn’t understand. To avoid doubts to everyone I must clear this topic.

Mostly questions are. Are you a transgender so you are already undergone a sex change? In other words, you don’t have a cock between your legs now? Some people also asking or refer to gay if she’s not undergone any surgery or not fully feminine. But some case in the Philippines a transgender woman (not – op) referred themselves as gay. That’s a matter they should learn and know about SOGIE or SEXUAL ORIENTATION GENDER IDENTITY AND EXPRESSION. To answer the questions, transgenders is not only what they see, important what the person feel and identify themselves.

Know matter what gender you are Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender are all HUMANS. Give free respect to all human being because at the end of the day only God can judge all of us. Remember what is good and what is bad. If you live in a good way you are a better person. A good model for everyone. But if you live in a bad way that’s a matter you should change.

The LGBT community, despite the progressive changes made in our society, still face many challenges concerning their identity and lifestyle. Some may voice their support for gays, lesbians, and trans people while others express hostility towards them.


  1. SEX/SEXUAL ORIENTATION – a term of a male or female label. Frequency what sex you have assigned at birth.
  2. GENDER/GENDER IDENTITY – the term label if what see, feel, and think, of what sex you have. Regardless of what sex you have between your legs. To answer easily these questions also help who you like? To whom you attracted? or how to identify yourself?
  3. LGBT means Lesbian Gays Bisexual and Transgenders.
  4. LESBIANS a term of a person term of a female who accept that they are female and attracted to same sex.
  5. GAYS  term of a person a male who accept that they are male but also attracted to same sex.
  6. BISEXUALS term of a person male or female who are attracted both to male or female but not are all equal about emotional attraction to other people of bisexuals. Some are attracted to male or to female.
  7. TRANSGENDER person of opposite sexual orientation with has a gender identity that differs from the persons assigned sex at birth. A male at birth who identifies as a female (not gays) a female at birth who identify as male (not lesbians).
  8. TRANSSEXUAL a term who have undergone a sex change. The operation did under srs or sex reassignment surgery.
  9. INTERSEX both have cock or vagina. In medical term called a hermaphrodite.
  10. HOMOPHOBIA a term of those people who are scared to show off what color they have. These people who make to discriminate the LGBT. They think that it is wrong about LGBT. They think it’s abnormal and immoral. They make harassed, insulting, and makes violence to people in LGBT community. We called them a HOMOPHOBIC PEOPLE.
  11. SOGIE or sexual orientation gender identity and expression. Everyone must know what it means especially to all LGBT people.
  12. LADYBOY a transgender woman term originated from Thailand. SHEMALE a term from a porn movie industry. KATHOEY a local term of a transwoman in Thailand.
  13. PANSEXUAL a person who attracted to another person any gender or sex. it means attracted to male, female, gays, and transgender.
  14. ASEXUAL a person who don’t have feelings. Who has not attracted to another person or any sex or gender It is opposite of the pansexual.
  15. STRAIGHT a person who is attracted to opposite gender.
  16. CISGENDER have a gender identity that corresponds to the person assigned sex at birth.


I belong to a transgender or I am a transgender woman. And there is also terminology regarding about transgenders. Lots of term about TRANSGENDER. To avoid any confusion of all men lets clear this terminology and post some definitions what it means. I hope I can help my post as a guide to every man. And give some information regarding of TRANSSEXUAL, TRANSGENDER, SHEMALE, and LADYBOY. Every member of LGBT should know also. What is there gender orientation, identity, and expression. So I hope everybody respects everyone in any gender. Stop bullying stop discriminating against all LGBT people. Being a good transgender woman I let them teach and educate what is good and what is bad.

Here some terminology you must learn.

  1. TRANSSEXUAL/ TRANSWOMAN/ TS a person whose gender identity opposite assigned sex at birth. A person who identifies as a woman.
  2. PRE – OP TRANSSEXUAL a transwoman who still have her male genitalia.
  3. POST- OP TRANSSEXUAL a transwoman who undergone sex reassignment surgery or SRS. No more male genitalia.
  4. NON- OP TRANSSEXUAL a person who don’t have plan a surgery or no plan for a sex change. Comfortable with her male genitalia.
  5. SHEMALE exclusive term in porn movie industry. It’s very famous word but please don’t call a trans woman this term. It’s offensive.
  6. TRANSVESTITE/ TRANNY/ CROSSDRESSER are people who always like to wear opposite sex. A person always has seen mostly as gays but crossdresser some men’s do this as a fetish and they do that in private. This doesn’t mean that they identify themselves as a woman.
  7. DRAG QUEEN/DRAG KING like to dress the opposite sex but doesn’t mean that they are homosexual. Most of them are performers.

All of this terminology specially LADYBOY are very famous in Asia Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Some dating site also uses these term to engage the audience. In MyLadyboyDate is one of the examples, Check it out and join now guys. Number one dating site in Asia like the Philippines. Decent Dating site for trans oriented men and transwomen.

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More information?

Transpeople, for example, would much rather be called by their preferred pronouns rather than the pronouns assigned to their biological makeup. A transwoman (a man who became a woman) would much rather be called ‘she, hers, her.’

Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.

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