Trans dating in Asia and looking for a serious relationship for marriage? We have to choose to be happy and having a successful relationship with the one we love the most. A precious one to live in this world with spirits of love. Many transwomen and men couple’s today can be happy and successful marriage with their partner (mostly are westerner husband). I’m so proud of them, of these brave enough trans-oriented men who come out that they are attracted to transsexuals.

What is trans ORIENTED MAN? A person who fully accept themselves that are attracted to transsexuals. And a man seeking a serious lifetime partner. A man who walks in public holding hands in hands who never ashamed of you. This man is real and not hiding anything from them. Trans oriented man is not GAY!

Just like my boyfriend, for example, he is a trans-oriented man from western countries in Italy. He never ashamed of people what to say or think. Holding hands and kiss me in public. That’s one of my dreams somebody’s showed me how he loves me most and accepts completely. Show affection in public and that’s why I love my boyfriend. I love him and I’m proud of him! This is one reason for a long-lasting relationship for every relationship especially a third sex relationship. As tips based on my experiences will help you to know I’ll give some ideas how to value our relations with the persons we love. In every relationship there’s a happy ending, this is what we called commitment and the happiest ending is MARRIAGE, which is not yet legal in the Philippines but in some countries are legal already like European and some parts in U.S. Trans dating in Asian countries and later on for Marriage but before that, I give you some tips how relationship going with a trans.


Here are some tips and secrets for long-lasting relationships based on my experiences especially if you are living together:

  1. Don’t guard them very well. Give them time free. Don’t be suspicious. Wait for them, they have feet to go back home.
  2. Don’t be suspicion for the mobile that’s a privacy thing. It’s not a good approach for them if we touch their belongings. Let them be free or else that a cause of wrangle if we touch their belongings without asking a permission.
  3. Even if there’s misunderstanding continues to take good care of them. Don’t be tired and don’t be lazy. Show them how to stand to be strong.
  4. Give your best time to each other. Quality Time and bonding time together.
  5. Understandable to each other must be. Don’t hide secrets. Define them as your best friend.
  6. Don’t be lazy. Show them how you live independently and learn even if they are not on your side. Fight for the goals.
  7. Study their attitude what dos and don’ts to understand them very well.
  8. Stop feeling being jealous. They are irritated by much jealousy. Stop being an obsession. Think to be confident. Fix your manner of speaking.
  9. Loving to each other and caring for each other must be as always. Fewer arguments or better no arguments 🙂
  10. 100% understanding, concern, care, Concord, and interest.
  11. Don’t be a negative person, don’t be crybabies.
  12.  Don’t like an eavesdropper. Be quiet if no good to talk to others they don’t like a bad attitude. Cool and chill must be.
  13. Must be yummy all the time (fresh, clean, smell good, look good and cute). 🙂



Two years and more counting relationship goals, trans lover, a secret for long lasting relationship, latest picture taken in Cebu.

Based on my experience, I and my boyfriend are still going strong even if have sometimes there is what we called misunderstanding which is normal in every relationship. My tips are just only a guide to applying for every couple to build a stronger relationship.

Trust and Love these are two most important things need to have in every heterosexual or third sexual relationship. This is so meaningful, some might think this is very simple. But are the most important things. You can’t love without trust and if there’s trust there is love which must case is true. Show affection in the public is a small thing, but like walking hand in hands or a surprise kiss. Men’s love holding waist of her partner which makes feel more than a woman. We struggle every day for some discrimination but a having a partner that is proud of us. Showing to the public walking hands to hands and even kiss us no matter if there are people staring us. That’s what we called Love feel to be loved and feel safe. Always remember that a small effort can make big difference and this is what a secret for every relationship strong. Relationship of transwoman and trans-oriented man are same as a relationship of a heterosexual relationship.

If having a long distance relationship, communication is very important. Always keep and touch. A simple message to say Hi, Hello, How are you? How’s your day? A start for a kind message that makes realize that you never forget him or her. Makes feel better even how busy you are in your daily life. It means that you are thinking about him or her. Give time to respond your partner messages it just means you care and you doing attention to it. Take note, a simple effort makes really meant a lot. Long distance relationship of a couple is not a hindrance for making them still connected with each other. We have a new technology that we can easily contact our loved ones in far places even a thousand miles away. The most important thing is you should give a quality time replying messages for them to make your relationship stay happy and going smoothly.

If having a relationship that living together time is very important. Bonding together at home, watching movies or out for dinner sometimes, these make more relationship stronger have quality time together. Provide some efforts and that’s mean a lot. If there’s some arguments or misunderstanding talk that after when you are feeling better. Just calm down first and later on talk what makes you mad or sad or whatever it is. Must be open minded always. Keep the relationship fewer arguments, don’t take that argument can destroy your relationship. Small things without good communication, no good understanding will bring to a weak relationship and sometimes for split up.

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Author: Roxy

My name is Roxy, I’m 29 and this blog is the story of my transition to becoming the woman I always felt to be. Moreover, how is living and growing as trans woman in the Philippines.


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